Sunday, November 27, 2011

When did Thanksgiving stop being a holiday?

I generally don't like dragging out my soap box from my closet to air my complaints, but this particular complaint is important. So important that I'm hoping you'll join me in getting out the word.

Thanksgiving is no longer a real holiday.

You know exactly what I mean. Thanksgiving doesn't really exist anymore. As a nation, we all decorate and get jazzed for Halloween. Who wouldn't? It's a very cool holiday where we get to pretend to be whatever or whomever we want for an entire day and act like idiots. But the day after Halloween we're bombarded with Christmas. All the stores have their Christmas displays up, Christmas music plays over the store speakers, even the local radio stations start playing non-stop Christmas music (no lie!)

Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. I love driving around at night to see the lights. I like the green and red candles glowing in my house. My cats love climbing my Christmas tree and busting every glass ornament they can get their greedy little paws on. But somewhere between Halloween and Christmas there used to be a great holiday called Thanksgiving that we used to get excited about.

Now, on Thanksgiving day, we rush through our dinner, maybe play football outside or watch a game on TV (by the way, HOOK 'M HORNS!! Whooot. What a game!), and then stand in line to shop for the Black Friday specials. The outlet malls in San Marcos, Texas were open at 8pm for Christ's sake! Thanksgiving has become a prelude to Christmas shopping.

With this in mind, I think it's time we take Thanksgiving back. I recommend we start with some Thanksgiving songs that we'll make classics and insist radio stations play the Thanksgiving tunes after Halloween. Here's some lyrics I have in mind.

Not another bite. Not another bite. My pants are already tight. I loosened my belt over an hour ago, but we still have desert to go. How will I ever fit in my skinny jeans tonight?


Roll me away from the table. I'll wash the dishes if I'm able. But first let me watch UT kick A&M's butt on TV. (Doesn't rhyme, but the sentiment really hits me right in my heart.)

You know. Thanksgiving songs that touch not only our hearts, but our souls.

If you agree with me, then pass on this message to your family and friends. We have a year to protest and make our stand. Anyone want to join me for Occupy Thanksgiving?

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