Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toys-4-Us Series Finally Out

Faster than a kid can gobble up their Halloween candy, October came and went. Here we are, November 1, and the Toys-4-Us series is finally out in electronic land. What started out as a way to celebrate Allie Standifer's birthday (Alliepaloosa) turned into a collection of HOT romance stories that will definitely burn fingers. Who knew that a case of chocolate wine, 7 romance authors, and an adult toy party would result in such a fabulous, collaborative effort?

If you're interested in purchasing the books, check out our blog site at http://toys4ustales.blogspot.com/ All the books and links to purchase sites are listed there. While you're there, don't forget to check out how to win the new Kindle Fire.

Want to win the entire series? The entire Toys-4-Us series will be up for grabs today at The Romance Studio during their book-a-day giveaway. Make sure you register to win!

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