Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nicole Austin

Nicole Austin - Part four of my E.C. author tell-all blog

With legs that reach all the way to her ass, Nicole Austin is easily one of the sexiest people I know. she's tough, smart, and everything an erotic romance author hope to grow up to become. If you read one of her stories, you'll instantly become an Austin fan. Her stories are steamy, sexy, sensual, and any other word starting with an S. She's the shit. She's the bomb. She's pretty freakin' amazing.

In addition to being a fantastic author, she's also an incredibly talented graphic artist. What she does with a simple picture and text will have you banging on an emergency room's door for more oxygen. Think I'm kidding? Wait until you see some of the cover art, book marks, or trading cards she developed. For that matter, check out her website. But get a drink of water first. You'll need to hydrate before getting so hot.

Things to know about Nic. I think if I Nic had her way, she'd always wear some rockin', hardcore boots, jeans and a slammin' T-shirt. She's a night owl. She tends to write all night and sleep all day, which explains her peaches and cream complexion. She LOVES the male body, and has more pics of naked hunky men than should be legal.

Much like me, she tends to be a bit of a contradiction. She can to be a bit of a recluse and will most likely come across as rather quiet. But know she's thinking deeply about what's being said. After she feels comfortable around someone, you'll start to see the real Nic. The Nic who is cool, quick witted, and sassy.

If you get a chance to meet Nic at Romanticon allow her to warm up to you. Ask questions, order her a margarita (her favorite drink), but remember to give her space. By the end of the evening, you'll end up great friends.


  1. Awwww, check it out, I totally have Brenna snowed into thinking I'm a sweet and quiet if vampy kinda chick. Little does she know that I have a black heart. bwahahahaha!

  2. Nic, what are you paying her? I should have offered more money & liquor. Nope you're not shy or sweet. You're the rocker chick of our group. A graphic artist goddess & erotic writing genus, but other than that....

  3. LOL! Yup, you should be paying her more, Allie.