Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cerise Deland

Cerise Deland - Part five of my E.C. author tell-all blog

Worldly, sophisticated, and intelligent as Steve Jobs, Cerise is like a force of nature. She's articulate and funny as hell, not to mention just plain sexy. Her lush curves has the likes of me nodding my head in admiration. But don't let her truly classy looks deceive you. Cerise can probably tell the bawdiest jokes you've ever heard and will laugh louder than anyone at the table all while looking like she could meet the Queen of England at any moment.

How she does what she does amazes me. I have to bow to her. She is the quintessential woman's woman. If you've been looking for a role model for class and style, you can stop your search. Cerise is her.

Things to know about Cerise. She can spot a fake a million miles away. She would prefer a genuine comment about her story than some trumped up compliment meant to dazzle her sensibilities. If you do get a chance to talk to her, be prepared to chat about any number of topics ranging from current world events, politics, to history. Her drink? Because Cerise can hold her own with any group from the salt of the Earth to foreign dignitaries, she might order anything from a beer to the best champagne in the house. Ask her and discover what her mood is at the moment. She won't think twice about letting you know.

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