Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eve Savage

Eve Savage - Part six of my E.C. author tell-all blog

The name is so appropriate for this Elloras' Cave author. If one word could capture the essence of Eve, the word would be intense. She's intensely loyal, intensely sensual, and intensely smart. If Eve ever got on Jeopardy, she'd be a millionaire - she's that well rounded and intelligent.

Eve and I have been friends as long as Allie Standifer and I have been friends. I met them at the same time, and those two are thick as thieves. The strong relationship they had and still maintain was immediately clear. Almost as immediate, I wanted desperately to be friends with both of them.
Eve has an energy about her that attracts everything and everyone. She's one confident, cool lady who knows what's what and takes shit from no one. Standing at about six feet in her stocking feet, she can be intimidating, and she knows it. But she's also the woman who will go out of her way to help out a friend. I love her for exactly those reasons.

She's the friend who's willing to try anything once. One of the best times I've had in my life was when Eve and I hit the Las Vegas strip. We crawled through Bellagio's and ended up being the star attractions at the Caesar's Palace craps tables. We generated such a crowd around that table as we played, it's a wonder they didn't charge an entrance fee. We both rocked the house and left a few hundred richer. If only she had kept me from the poker room, I'd probably still have that cash. Damned poker room!

Things to know about Eve if you see her at Romanticon. Eve can be intimidating, but don't let that stop you from coming up and saying hi. Her look is much more intimidating that she really is. Ask her about what is life is like as a merchant marine or what it's like living in England. She's done both. If you muster up enough of a conversation, order Eve a 7 and 7, and she'll tell you more secrets about writing erotic romance than you'll be able to fit into an entire notebook.

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