Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Regina Carlysle

Regina Carlysle - Part Three of my E.C. Author Tell All

Do me a favor and conjure this imagine in your head. A curvaceous, petite blonde with bright eyes and a smile bigger than Paula Deen's. Now add a healthy sprinkling of Southern charm, an infectious laugh, and genuinely friendly nature, and you have a pretty good picture of Regina Carlysle. Anyone who knows Regina but has no idea she is a writer would be floored to learn about the incredibly sensual and hot romance books she pens. Away from the writing world, she would appear too sweet and genteel to author such things. But for those of us who have read her work, we know better. On the outside she may seem like delicate Southern belle, but there's a Hell Cat living inside who definitely likes to purr.

Things to know about Regina. She is the person who cannot say no to anything or anyone. Her caring nature and upbringing simply won't allow for it. Regina has a heart of pure gold, sincerely. Regina is also the mediator, the peacemaker. She has a calming but bubbly nature about her that tends to make me think that everything will always be alright whenever she's around. Even if things aren't okay, she would probably say or do something that will make you laugh until you cry or the sides of your stomach start to hurt. She is cheerful, gracious, and has a zest for fun.

If you happen to see Regina at Romanticon, here are a few things to note. Regina really does love chocolate wine and chocolate vodka, but she's known for drifting off to other vodka flavors (like whipped cream and cotton candy.) If you want to get to know Regina for yourself, order her a flavored vodka and then sit back and enjoy the warmth and vivaciousness she exudes. You'll be glad you did.


  1. She is my sister from another mother and a true friend and mentor to a newbie author. I will never forget that about her.

  2. She's a true blond :) But I loves her anyway! She really is this awesome

  3. She truly is an awesome person! Love ya Regina.

    Amber Skyze

  4. The bestest!
    Can't wait to see you, Regina.

  5. Awwwww, Reg.. How can I ever forget how myTwo teeny tiny Texans came to the rescue of my missing phone.. I think you should become a mystery writer, because you figured out what happened to it in a matter of seconds..

    See you and your Twisted Texas Twin next week..

    You know your my favorite and I love you best