Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hi everyone,
I'm conducting an experiment that I'd like to include you, if you're interested in participating.  It should be interesting, if not a little fun.

Myla Jackson recently wrote a blog about her writer's block.  Was thinking about that today as I've finally gotten over mine and was able to get some writing done yesterday.  For kicks, I looked at my biorhythm chart to see where my various rhythms stood.  To my nonsuprise, my "intellectual" rhythm had bottomed out last week but is now heading for its high.

This made me wonder just how influencial our biorhythms are in writing.  So with that in mind, here's the experiment.  

Do a current assessment of your writing productivity for the last week.  Are you more, less productive than usual?  Note this.  Then use this link to check your current biorhythm chart.  It's FREE.   There are other biorthym charts on the web as well.  Feel free to use any that suite your fancy.  Once you have, check your "intellectual" rhythm.  

Based on your productivity the last week, does your intellectual rhythm support your productivity or the lack there of?  Where do you stand today with both your productivity and your rhythm?

If you decided to do this experiment, please e-mail me privately ( and let me know your results.  I'm very curious to see where everyone stands.

Ciao - Brenna

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