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CERISE DELAND gives away a Cherry and talks Guilty Pleasures

Today's fabulous guest, Cerise Deland, is an Amazon top 20 best selling author who happens to be as beautiful as she is talented.  Her wit is razor sharp, her characters are extraordinary, and her sexy stories absolutely sizzle.  To our great fortune, she's agreed to answer a few questions to help us get to know her better AND has provided an excerpt from her latest release, ROPE ME IN.

Cerise, let's start with guilty pleasures.  Got any you want to admit to?
Menage stories, reading and writing!
TV show:  Say Yes To The Dress (although I'm not a bride, have no one in the family who will be soon, so...???) Closely followed by Fashion Police!
Good gin like Plymouth.
Anchovies (In fact, at a recent birthday party for Desiree Holt, Brenna Zinn asked the waiter for 2 helpings of the little guys for moi!!! I ate them, Dear Reader!)

Which of your books is your personal favorite and why?  
My favorite book is the one I'm currently working on.  Why?  Because I have to be in love with the hero and have to see him being the perfect man for the heroine.

Best piece of advice you've ever been given.
About writing, the best advice I ever got was to continue to write a story until it felt right.  This means really understnding that the conflict in a romance is more internal than external.  Once those are resolved, the characters have grown to the max and are ready to be together in a productive relationship.  It means the story feels right down deep, in the character's bones - and MINE!

Describe your perfect day.
Any day begins with 2 cups of coffee!  Gets the brain working.  No java? No happy neurons spinning.  I tried no coffee in the mornings back in the day when everyone thought caffeine contributed to breast cancer.  ARGGGH!  Now that we know THAT IS NOT SO, I am loving my cups o'joe.  
After that, I am up for a quick email surf, and now that it is summer, I am off to the gym to swim a few laps.  I get more done when my body works hard first.

List 3 adjectives that describe you best.
OH, this is a good one!!!  My 3 adjectives make me sound boring.  But I get a lot done.  Work, gardening my own herbs, and lots of writing!  Ok, here goes:  measured, inquisitive, dedicated.

What was the last book you read?
I am on a Regency kick lately.  I love them and I write them!  I was utterly delighted with Grace Burrowes's LADY MAGGIE'S SECRET SCANDAL.  Deft, witty and wonderful dialogue.  Plot is damn good, too.  Bravo to Ms. G.!

Cerise's latest release is ROPE ME IN, BOOK ONE, KNIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER.

In Bravado, Texas, the men are good and plenty...and lonely.

Not inclined to remain horny bachelors, the three MacRae brothers devise a plan to find one fine woman and get the good lovin' they deserve.  One gander at the new gal in town, charming Cara Ford, and the cowboys decide to do some old fashioned courting.   Then they'll offer her a thoroughly modern deal:  three-for-one.  Three of them for luscious, lovely her.

Cara has returned to Bravado to rebuild her life after cutting the cord to her self-centered husband.  One man was a pain.  Why would she want to tie herself up in knots with three sexy ranchers known for their wild cattin'?

Undeterred, Jed, Harry and Will rope her into their daily lives and sweet-talk her into sharing their torrid nights.

Can the MacRaes convince Cara she's the only woman they'll ever want?  And that three hard lovin' men with her in bed is better than one?

Excerpt:  All rights reserved, 2012, Cerise Deland.  No duplication without the permission of the author.

“Tell me, how’d you like the new bathroom?” Harry struck up a conversation as the showdown round began.
“Distracting me?” she teased. “Hang on. Let me hear your calls.” Cara drummed her fingers on the table, nigh unto tasting her win. The last to reveal her five-card hand, she waited while the men deliberated their moves.
Dinner had been the best time she’d had with men in months. Hell, years. They were funny, dear, easy with each other. And her. She caught their surreptitious glances at her cleavage too. The attention was thrilling. Her body seemed to hum with the attention. Her mind, fully engaged, had only occasionally noted the wild rain drilling down on the roof. She still wore Jed’s robe, a necessity or close to it. Beneath it she had put on her white lace bra and matching panties. So what if her breasts seemed like twice the size and hard as concrete with the sly little looks of appreciation she got from the men?
Damn good thing she had gotten a decent deal with her first two cards. Even now she waited breathless, not wanting the evening to end, but tickled that she could show them her talent at cards. Maybe they’d invite her back for a rematch and she could teach them a few things. Even funny Harry who disclaimed any slyness.
They each played cards with humor. Will gave no tells. Poker-faced was a term that fit him. Quiet, he concentrated on the cards and the board like a laser. Jed, on the other hand, tried very hard not to give away his thoughts. His efforts at diplomacy showed in a savoir faire attitude that told her he was anxious. Harry had other things on his mind. Her. She stifled a giggle. He concentrated on her robe and the boost her bra gave her breasts.
“Earth to Harry,” Jed called to him. “What’s your bet?”
Harry grumbled, then threw in five pennies.
Jed snorted. Threw in ten.
“High finance,” Will grunted and scratched his cheek as he deliberated.
“Yeah,” Jed chimed in. “What do you think of our bathroom design?”
“Well,” she began with the aspect that had captured her most about it. “It’s certainly big enough for the three of you.”
“Smart cookie,” Harry said. “Did you make use of the jets and the hand showers?”
Her cheeks flamed. Her chest rose and fell with rapid breaths. Could they know that she had pleasured herself in there? That the room was made for decadent pleasure? Of course they would suspect. They were savvy about women. And me. And I’ve just spent the last few hours enveloped in their charming company. They designed the bathroom in sumptuous style. Why not for the three of them to enjoy with one woman or more?
She licked her lips, long and slow. “Do you have parties in there?”
Very smart cookie,” Harry praised her and crossed his arms.
“We’re waiting for the right time,” Will confessed, blunt as ever.
“And the right person to enjoy it with,” Harry elaborated, his gaze locked on hers, the implication that the only woman he meant to invite to that room was her.
She absorbed that. One second. Two seconds. Thr—
She stood, pushing back her chair so violently it teetered on its back legs. Her robe—Jed’s robe—gaped open but her mind was in the gorgeous bathroom, the shower, the chaise, the possibilities of having a party in there. Naked. Wet. With one of them. Two of them? All of them?
Jed threw down his cards.
Will moaned.
Harry just admired her display, his eyes burning every part of her, sending her up in flames that scorched and told her what he wanted from her.
Was she scared or tempted? Teasing them or testing them?
Yes, Harry had forced the issue. The storm wouldn’t last forever. And as he had said, he was not a patient man.
Was she a patient woman? Should she be?
She was nearly naked and the opportunity to have them all to herself to fire her up, make them all burn together brightly could never be more perfect.
But she grabbed the front of the robe, tugged it closed and fled toward the bathroom.

* * * * *
“Let me in, Cara.”
Jed. That’s Jed at the door.
She backed up to the far wall. One hand to her mouth, one to her heart.
He rattled the door handle. “Cara, let me talk to you.”
She was trapped here. Who knew she was at the Rocking M? No one. She hadn’t told anyone where she was going. Hadn’t been able to call. But the MacRaes couldn’t have been planning what she thought they were. She’d come here today unannounced. She’d been in town only two months. These men didn’t know her. Not really. She was so different from the tomboy she had been fifteen years ago. She was adventurous only in business, not in…sex.
True, she’d wanted more from Jeff in bed. She suggested more than missionary. He’d refused. She had suggested oral. He had agreed to blowjobs for himself, nothing for her. She’d offered anal. He cringed. Handcuffs? No. He was stuck in his ordinary little world and his bland heaven.
But now you are here and these three men have plans to seduce you? And this house remodeling that cost thousands of dollars was done to enchant a woman—or three?
Absurd. What man does that?
Evidently, they had.
They have even gone to the trouble to buy verbena soap. Could that be coincidental?
“Cara.” Jed again, this time his rough voice more demanding. Her nipples got hard at the sound of his urgency. Her pussy gushed with appreciation of his gruffness.
That too, is ridiculous.
“I do have a key to the lock, Cara. Open it now or I do it myself.”
Do it. Show me what you’re made of, MacRae.
Oh, who the hell was that talking?
She heard the key in the lock and suddenly there he stood, inside, closing the door and sinking back against it. His smoldering jade eyes taking her in, warning her, mesmerizing her.
“Listen to me, Cara.” He seemed to croon her name. Then he took a step forward, slowly, one hand out to let her see he was controlled and gentle. But insistent.

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