Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Going Down - Released on February 7th!

I've often been asked what inspires the stories I write. I usually answer by saying, "Oh, I just have an overactive imagination and too much time on my hands." Honestly, that answer doesn't apply to Going Down, my latest release from Decadent Publishing. The inspiration for Going Down came straight from the heart. Well, the heart and places further south.

Before I put a finger to my keyboard to start plotting out this story, I crawled into my brain and put myself back to a time when I was single and didn't have a special someone on Valentine's Day. Because Valentine's Day is such a hyped up holiday and the emotional scars that are generated from horrible Valentine's Days can be pretty raw, even after years, I didn't have long to look through my memories before I tapped into some of my truly rotten Valentine's Day disasters.

Then I thought, what if I could have made things different? If I could have created the most romantic, erotic, hot and steamy Valentine's Day ever, what would it have been like?

From there, I found the hero of my story. I dearly love men in uniform, and Navy SEALs are such bad-asses, so having a Navy SEAL for the lead was a perfect match.

But where should this hot encounter with a Navy SEAL take place?

The answer to this was a little more tricky. I wanted a place that was a little risky. Taboo enough to be sexy just because the action is taking place at that spot. That's when I imagined meeting my hero in an elevator. I mean, let's be honest, shall we? Who hasn't thought about doing something a little naughty in an elevator?

Lastly, I wanted to add something to their scene that I hadn't done before. Something different with a touch of kink. Edible body paints! Why not? Add the paint with some chocolate wine and a cuddly stuffed toy, and bodda bing, bodda boom, you got yourself Going Down!

Want to win a free copy of Going Down? Just add a comment to this blog. So easy! I'll randomly pick one commenter for the prize on February 7, the release date. Good luck.

If you're interested in knowing more than just the inspiration for my story, check out this excerpt.

Once the door closed, Steven reached over me to push the Ground Floor button on the control panel, pressing his huge, six-foot something body against mine. For a crazy moment I wanted to poke at his stomach. Nobody really had rock hard abs. Surely the wall of steel pushing into me was a result of wearing a bulletproof vest, not spending hours in a gym.

“I don’t think we’ve ever been introduced. I’m Steven Cayden.”

Little did he know, I not only knew his name, but thanks to the internet and the insignia on his military uniform, I had also figured out Steven Cayden was actually Lieutenant Commander Steven Cayden, a member of the United States Navy Seal team. A highly decorated Lieutenant Commander that.

Heart pounding enough blood into my brain to cause a seizure, I verbally stumbled over my own name. “I...I’m Michelle Bishop.”

He lowered his lips to my ear. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Michelle.”

Hearing him say my name with his captivating voice had my stomach doing more flip flops than an Olympic gymnast on the uneven bars. The crazy way my body reacted, he may as well have said, “I know you’re wearing nothing but a bra and panties under that coat of yours. I’m going to rip that sucker open and tear your thong off with my bare teeth.”

But before I had a chance to utter a word, the lights went out and the elevator came to a screeching, bone-shattering halt. Suddenly the world was quiet and pitch black.

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