Sunday, January 2, 2011

And We're Off....

Let me paint a picture for you about New Year's Eve in Austin, Texas. Imagine one of Austin's oldest streets (6th Street) lined with buildings older than your grandparents but with more character than John Wayne. Each building has incredible live music bursting out the front door. Traffic down the street has been blocked off and people, standing shoulder to shoulder, meander around with drinks in hand and party hats on their heads. The sweet noise of the thousands of partiers mix with the music creating a festive atmosphere that cannot be rivaled. Everyone is in a great mood. Nearly one in four revelers is wearing western boots. When the clock strikes midnight the crowd goes wild, kissing is contagious, and I'm about the happiest person on the planet. I love this city. I love the weird people who live here.

Okay. That was my New Year's Eve. Now on to business. Congratulations to the winner of the $20.00 gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles - my December contest. Hope you find some fantastic reads there.

Here's the goods for January's contest.

Write me at with the name of the drug my character Axel Cole is perfecting in my latest release Christmas Goes Camo (now available at by January 31, 2011 and you can win a free copy of the book plus an autographed picture of the three authors - me (Brenna Zinn), Desiree Holt, and Allie Standifer!

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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