Monday, February 23, 2015

Sex Position Gumby from the Wild Wicked Weekend 2015 - Touched by Midas Gumby Excerpt

After sleeping nearly 10 hours last night, I'm finally starting to feel recovered from this year's Wild Wicked Weekend.  I'll blog again soon with pics and details - well, as much detail as I can put out without incriminating the less than innocent.  But today I want to share the Sex Position Gumby excerpt that we didn't have time to do this year.  A HUGE shout out to author Dalton Diaz for the fab job she did with this event.

Not sure what Sex Position Gumby is?  Here's a clip that includes the beautiful Desiree Holt and country singing star Jackson Young. (Check out Jackson Young's video Drunken Angel below. ) 


Please note, this is an excerpt from one of the sex scenes in Touched by Midas, my Navy SEAL story in the SEALs Going Hot anthology with Desiree Holt, Cerise Deland and Samantha Cayto.  If you like the excerpt, I hope you'll buy the book.  It's only $2.51, and a girl's gotta buy costumes for next year's WWW :)

Touched byMidas excerpt  by Brenna Zinn

Scene: Navy SEAL, Michael “Midas” Baudine, has succeeded in luring heroine, Angie Summers, to his bed. Things quickly turn on the SEAL, but in all the best ways.

Angie stripped off Midas’ shirt and propped herself up on a stack of firm pillows. With the tip of one finger, she scraped beneath one of her lacy bra straps, slowly, methodically going back and forth between her shoulder and the swell of her breast. At what she gauged was the right time, she pushed the bit of lace off her shoulder, letting the strap fall on to her arm. Midas watched as though mesmerized.

Forging on, she cupped a lace-covered breast and kneaded it for several beats, taking care to pinch the hardened nipple before lowering her hand down the flat of her belly. Without stopping, her fingers drifted beneath her panties. She arched her back as she slipped the pads of two fingers through her soaked folds. She looked up when she heard a gruff groan coming from the SEAL.

He stood, stock still and completely naked, at the side of the bed. Sometime while she lost herself in her naughty little show, he had taken off his underwear.

She removed her hand from her panties, placed one of the wet fingertips in her mouth and sucked. Another rough exhale sounded. Angie lowered her eyelids.

“Bad boy, Midas,” she tsked. “I told you I wanted to take off your underwear. This is not good. This is going to cost you.”

His cock jerked. “Is that right?”

Oh, the pleasure of holding a big man in her little palm. Why had she waited so long?

“That’s right.” Angie shifted and dangled her legs over the side of the bed. She patted the mattress. “This is where I want you to put your belly button. I want to see that firm ass of yours in the air, sailor.”

He hesitated.

She rose from the bed, planting her feet shoulder-width apart and placing a fist on her hip. Pointing toward the mattress, she reached deep down and found her voice of authority.

“I said put your mother-fucking belly button on the bed, sailor.”

Midas complied.

The spot she had chosen was nearly perfect. He was so tall, when bent at the waist, his ass was almost at the right height.

Angie moved behind him. Without warning, she tapped the inside of one of his calves with her big toe.

“Spread those legs.”

His back stiffened, but he adjusted his feet. Now both rounded globes of his tight backside stuck out at just the appropriate angle. Time for a little fun.

“I don’t want to hear a peep from you , Midas. Not one squeak. Do you understand me?”

He had the good sense to nod his answer.


There was no way any amount of punishment she could dish out would hurt the SEAL. She was too small to deliver any blow that could provide much more than a good sting. Hardly the kind of play needing a safe word.

Angie placed a fingernail on the right side of his ass and lightly scratched a line on his skin to the left. An explosion of goose bumps rose over his bare back.


His reaction encouraged her to brush her palms up his spine to his shoulders. The way back down, she raked her nails over his shoulder blades and on to the fleshy part of his waist, not stopping until she found the curve beneath his butt cheek.

While hunched over him, she reached between his legs and cupped his balls. She’d expected him to utter some low moan some other guttural noise. Other than a quick inhale and a long exhale, he remained quiet. Pleased with his control, she massaged his soft nads and gently pulled. Again, he said nothing.

Did SEALs go through sexual torture training? She’d have to ask. Later.

She found his cock and did her best to wrap her fingers around its girth. Only the tips of her middle finger and thumb touched.


When she started stroking, his head fell forward onto the mattress and his knees slightly bent. She released her hold and gave one of his ass cheeks a solid smack, followed immediately by another thwack to the other cheek.

She nearly roared with laughter when she heard his muffled but enthusiastic, “Fuck yeah!”

“You aren’t being quiet, naughty boy,” she chided when she controlled her chuckles. “Do I need to spank you again?”

He turned his face from the mattress. “Do what you gotta do.”

As much as she would love to give his booty another good whack, the two she’d already struck stung her hand like nobody’s business. He clearly liked to be paddled though. Why not give the guy more? She certainly didn’t mind reddening his backside.

Angie glanced around the room and found a pair of flip-flops that had been tossed carelessly on the floor. After retrieving one sandal and brushing off sand from its sole, she tapped the flimsy shoe in her palm.

“I’m going to paddle you ten times on both sides of your ass. When I’m done, you’re going to turn over and scoot onto the mattress. Understood?”

He beamed.

Tiny bubbles of glee filled her as though she’d just finished off a bottle of sparkling water. Damn this was fun.

She positioned herself behind him, found a solid stance and commenced with swatting his cute ass exactly ten times on each side. When she finished, a pretty shade of pink stained his butt. Based on the way Midas hollered, “Yeah, baby,” and wagged his bottom each time the flip flop met his flesh, he seemed to be enjoying the play as much as she did administering the smacks.

As she’d ordered, Midas turned over and lay across the bed when she’d finished. He looked at her expectantly.

“I want you to watch carefully. There may be a test when I’m done,” she said, caressing her breasts.

She turned her back to him, then unclasped the front hook of her bra. Glancing over her shoulder, she let the lacy lingerie fall to the floor. For her encore, she slipped both hands down the sides of her torso. When she found the string of her panties, she hooked her fingers around it and bent at the waist. After spreading her feet, she slowly shimmied the barely-there undies down her legs to her ankles. Still folded over, she slid one hand up inside her calf and thigh, coming to a stop at her pussy. Starting with the hard nub of her clit, she ran two fingers through the drenched folds and back again, then one more time because it felt so damn good.


Thanks for reading, and here's your chance to give us some Gumby feedback.  Should we do Sex Position Gumby next year?  Leave a comment and let us know. I promise, we're listening.


  1. WWW was wonderful! So very much fun! The best con around! Thanks for all your hard work putting this together for us.

    1. Margie, you are - without doubt - the most giving woman on the planet. Thank you for coming and for being so amazingly wonderful. Big BIG hugs and kisses to you.

  2. Wow! That would have been fun to take part in... I imagine many "One Inch Space" reminders would have been needed!!

    Thank you for the fabulous time! Loved it and had a blast dancing with you!!

  3. I don't think any guy would wear that t-shirt. You don't know how much I wanted to read this one! Dawn brought me flip-flops all the way from Cali and everything!

    1. I would love to see this scene acted out. Maybe next year?