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Celebrating One Night Stands

And who doesn’t want to celebrate them? Decadent Publishing is celebrating the success of their hot series. Check out these hot stories at
And I’m celebrating the success of my own 1 Night Stands. Here’s a taste for you.

Night Mission
Navy SEAL Gabriel Walker didn’t think he was asking too much, just a hot woman with some brains who made his down time between missions pleasant. And maybe a little but more. Forty-something Maggie Fitzpatrick wanted a younger man with a sex drive to match her own and even smarts to hold a conversation. And maybe a little bit more. When Madame Evangeline paired them for the one night stand neither of them expected the explosive chemistry, the very hot sex…and a littler bit more.
I have found the perfect match for you.
Gabriel Walker lounged back on the couch, feet propped on the coffee table, and stared at the screen on his laptop. And it stared right back at him. Yup, still there.
Her name is Maggie Fitzgerald, he read on. All of her specifics are listed in the attached document. I’ve included two photos of her as well, as you requested. All the arrangements are ready, waiting only for your confirmation. If all is acceptable, please reply to this message and I will make the appropriate arrangements at the Castillo San Antonio. Madame Evangeline.
Gabe ran a hand over his stubbled jaw. Who’d believe that an alpha Seal Team leader needed to apply to an online dating service? SEALs were supposed to have their pick of women.
Yeah, sure. But my problem is no matter which woman I pick, my interest fades before I even get my pants off.
He looked at the header on the email. 1Night Stand. Well, he’d sure had plenty of those in his lifetime. So why had he felt it necessary to arrange one so formally?
He’d stumbled on the site late one night while bored and surfing the Internet, and it had piqued his interest. Oh, what the hell. On extended leave after four back-to-back missions in the Middle East and bored out of his skull with inactivity, playing games the women he knew found so fascinating no longer appealed to him. SEALs weren’t trained to be idle, so a little harmless exploration of the 1NS web site didn’t seem too out of line. He’d even had a good laugh while he filled out the application form, specifying what he wanted in his desired companion.
At least forty. Someone with a brain who as also at the peak of her sexual desire.
Likes inventive sex A definite must.
Prefers bourbon to wine.
As he added a few more things, he told himself there was no way in a million years Madame Evangeline could find the woman he wanted.
He clicked on the attached document and up came the woman of his dreams. Right in his computer.
Maggie Fitzgerald.
Five feet four inches, one hundred thirty pounds.
Age: forty two. Exactly ten years older than him. Perfect. For the last couple of years the star of every one of his erotic fantasies had been a hot cougar. Older was definitely better.
Prefers Jack Daniel’s Black Label.
Seeking a man who likes creative sex and has great stamina.
Creative? Shit, I can do creative with my eyes closed. Not to mention staying power is never in question.
Prefers a Texan.
His eyes popped at that one. Texas born and bred, he came from a long line of natives of the Lone Star State. Had it been possible to find a woman with everything he’d asked for and one who hailed from Texas?
He read on. An architect, head of her own firm. Never married.
Good. Probably isn’t looking for it.
Next he pulled up the headshot and his cock hardened to the point of pain, tenting the soft fabric of his sweat pants.
Jesus! Talk about hot.
Dark red hair tumbled in short curls and framed a face with high cheekbones, emerald green eyes and thick lashes. Tiny lines at the corners of her eyes and a defined laugh line were the only indications this woman had passed her thirtieth birthday.
Wait. Is that a hint of a dimple on one cheek? Damn! Dimples just did it for him.

When Chelsea Haller and Alec Ramsey find themselves marooned in a snowbound airport on their way to an arranged 1Night Stand date, little did they know an icy storm would help them heat up the sheets. En route to their 1Night Stand dates, Chelsea Haller and Alec Ramsey are stranded in the airport during an unexpected snowstorm. It doesn’t take long to discover they’re each other’s one-night stand. Lucky for them, they’re drawn together by sizzling electricity and soon forget the icy snow. As the heat between them nearly melts the sheets in Alec’s hotel room, their night of erotic adventure surpasses anything they expected from a 1Night Stand.

He walked up behind her and hesitated a moment before resting his hands on her shoulders. When she didn’t try to shrug him off or move away, he knew she felt the same attraction he did. Was he moving too fast? Hell, sex was the main item on the night’s agenda, anyway. They both knew it. If she shut him down he’d be no worse off than before.
But she didn’t. When he brushed aside her thick mane of hair and skimmed his lips over the soft skin of her neck, a shiver ran through her. A silent acceptance of his touch. God, she smelled so good, like flowers and the ocean and sin. He licked her skin lightly then nibbled on the lobe of one ear.
She pressed back against him and he turned her to face him, studying her for a moment then brushed his mouth over hers. Her lips were lush and full and tempting, with the feel of soft velvet. Tracing the seam of them with the tip of his tongue, he urged her to open for him and thrust inside her.
Her mouth was hot and liquid, her tongue dancing like a live wire. He moved his hands up and down her back, feeling the heat of her through the fabric of the dress. She gripped his biceps with her fingers and when she pressed her lower body against his, every nerve in his body fired. He wanted to go slow, take it easy. Give her the chance to get used to him. They’d barely gotten to know each other. But his body and brain were engaged in a fierce battle for control.

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