Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Airport Fantasies

Have I ever mentioned my two airport fantasies?  I haven't?  Really?  Well then, let me share.

I thought about my fantasies as I flew to Alburquerque on Sunday (on my way to Durango, Colorado.)  I'll write about my winter holiday soon - promise.  

My first fantasy is one I've had for as long as I've been an adult.  When I'm walking to my gate or sitting at my gate, I fantasize about happening upon one of my old boyfriends who is also flying off somewhere.  I imagine his eyes pop out as he recognizes me after he's given me the once over.  Stunned, he comes to me, gives me a bear hug, and tells me how great I look.  He, on the other hand, has gained 25 pounds, looks like he's slept in his clothes, and hasn't changed his hairstyle since 1988.  

After a brief What have you been up to for the last ... years catch up, he confides that I was the one that got away and that my husband of 24 years is one lucky som-bitch.  At that moment I hear that my plane is boarding.  I put out my hand, we shake, and I leave, but not before noting a sad look of regret in his eyes.

I have to admit, even as I wrote that I realized I'm some therapist's wet dream.  If you've got thoughts about what a therapist might tell me, go ahead and write them out in the comments section.  I may first need to get a drink before I read them.  I have a feeling they may not be all that flattering.  Would it help if I mention I'm generally a really nice person?  No?  Well, damn.

Okay, here's my second airport fantasy.

I'm walking to the gate and slow down at one of the book/magazine shops along the way.  Low and behold on one of the stands at the front of the shop is my book!  I can die now.  I've seen my book in the airport and my biggest dream has been realized.

Yes, it's true.  I will gauge my success as an author not by the number of books I sell or by the number of kind e-mails I receive from my readers.  My success will be gauged by seeing my book in the airport.  

I know.  I know.  This is a stupid fantasy.  Hell, they both are.  But they're mine for some reason or another.

I've shared mine.  Do you have any airport fantasies??


  1. I've fantasized something similar only it's seeing class mates I haven't seen in 30 years who used to pick on me for being overweight. I've lost weight and I keep imagining meeting them in a store (airport works too) or somewhere and they've put on all the weight I've lost and then some. Of course I would be gracious and not mention it but their eye's would show the jealousy. LOL!!! I would be beside you on that therapist couch. LOL!

  2. I think we have all had fantasies about running into old flames or classmates and them either being jealous of us for some reason or really upset that we were the one that got away :) I guess if that is enough to send us to a therapist, the office will be very crowded, lol.