Saturday, October 6, 2012

When A Lady Meets A King

I have to admit, I'm totally in love with the title of my upcoming release, When A Lady Meets A King.

I'm a sucker for stories with Ladies, Kings, and anything having to do with royalty.  But, in the case of my story, my King has an interesting and unexpected (I'm hoping) twist.

This sexy read is fast, flirty, and fun (the fabulous 3 Fs), and is just one story of The Naughty Sleepover series from the Sassy Seven Authors that is coming out this Monday from Decadent Publishing.

Here's an excerpt...

Her English accent, both refined and seductive, lingered in his head like a favorite melody. Burton leaned in and took her hand in his, noting the softness of her touch and the aroma of her perfume. Vanilla and warm brown sugar. She smelled like a fresh baked cookie perfect for eating. He stopped himself from licking his lips.  "I'm Burton King.  It's my pleasure. Mind if I join you?"

Before answering, Emma took a deep inhale and released it. In that brief moment her demeanor abruptly changed. Like a switch had been flipped somewhere deep inside her, the vulnerable lamb suddenly vanished.

"Absolutely Mr. King. My pleasure." She removed her purse from the bar stool next to hers and patted the wood seat. "I was hoping this wouldn't stay empty for long."

Once high pitched and riddled with fear, her voice was now low and steady. Her trembling body now calm. If he hadn't had his eye on Emma from the moment she left the hotel lobby, he would have sworn the lady sitting at the bar was an entirely different woman.

Her shift from damsel in distress mode triggered an alarm to ding in his head. Something about this situation was off. Just plain wrong. No doubt he should turn around and leave this pot of brewing trouble behind. Didn't he already have enough on his plate?

But now that he'd seen her up close-good Lord the woman was beautiful-he couldn't walk away. Budding lust and intrigue kept his feet cemented to the floor.

Why is this gorgeous woman here all alone?

For those of you who don't know, The Naughty Sleepover series is based in the beautiful Menger Hotel in San Antonio, the very same hotel that The Naughty Sleepover Celebration will take place this coming February.  If you haven't registered for this totally decadent weekend, then do while there's still space available.  We've limited the registrants to just 200.  Why? Because this is a reader-oriented event.  We want to give erotic romance readers a chance to meet and get to know their favorite erotica authors.

Which authors will be there?  Great question.  Besides the Sassy Seven (Desire Holt, Cerise Deland, Nicole Austin, Allie Standifer, Regina Carlysle, Samantha Cato, and ME!), you can expect to see Laurann Dohner, Joey Hill, Dalton Diaz, and so many more.  Click HERE for the current list of authors. 

We're all looking forward to meeting YOU!

Until Tuesday my lovelies, ciao.



  1. Beautiful cover! What an exciting time you have planned in SA. Have great fun!

    1. Thank you. I have to give Nicole Austin, one of the Sassy Seven, credit for the cover. Nic is absolutely amazing at graphics. I love her to death.