Saturday, October 27, 2012

So much news!!

Generally I find my day to day activities such that I wouldn't want to bother even my mother with telling her about them.  But I must admit, this entire week has been different.  I want to share the most exciting news of all first.  I and my wonderful friend, Cerise Deland, are featured in a USA Today article!

Yes, it's true.  USA Today.  Here's the link.

Can I admit to you all that I feel like an absolute rock star for making it to USA Today??  I do.  And my comment on the site is true.  I am currently sitting behind my desk wearing my fluffy white robe and have two English Mastiffs at my feet.  I know, not exactly rock star material, but I don't care.  Tomorrow I put bling on my slippers to let out the inner rock star in me.  I know the dogs, not to mention my husband, will be quite impressed.

Speaking of bling, I added a tiny bit to my nose.  Yep.  I got my nose pierced.  Why? Honestly - I did it to be a little less plain vanilla.  I know there are some of you who know me who are now laughing your backside off, but it's true.  I sometimes feel very plain vanilla.  So enter the nose ring.  If you're wondering, having my nose pierced did not hurt that much at all.  What DID hurt was when the head of the post decided to embed itself into (yes INTO) my nose and then start to heal over.  I had to go back to the guy who pieced it, have the post removed (very painful), have a 3-inch rod incerted into my nose while my post was removed (very, VERY painful), and then have the adjusted post re-incerted into my nose (EXTREMELY painful.)  But since the post has been fixed, all is good on the nose front.  What's interesting now is how my friends and family are reacting to it.  My sister and my friends love it.  My mother thinks I've lost my marbles.  Are any of you surprised here?

Other exciting news - I've released my first book trailer, and I absolutely love it. It's for Rise of the Dom, my Ellora's Cave release. What do you think?

Lastly, I bought some bling to wear during the Denim and Diamonds night at the Naughty Sleepover, as well as some blinged out jeans.  I'm counting down the days until the Naughty Sleepover starts.  If you haven't registerd for it yet, better hurry.  We only have a total of 200 slots and they are filling fast.  If you want to find out more about the Naughty Sleepover, click HERE.

Starting Monday, I'm back in my chair and time to start writing my next book.  The working title I have for it is Leaving John Wayne.  I think it's going to be my best book yet.

Let me hear from you readers.  I adore reading your comments.

Until next time - ciao!

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