Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marcia James - One Funny Lady

Once again, despite better judgement, I was able to con - I mean convince another great author to visit my blog and leave an excerpt for their current release.

Marcia James is my victim today.  If you haven't seen her Facebook page or her website, do yourself a favor and check them out.  I absolutely love the small dog featured there.

1. Which of your books is your personal favorite and why?

Sex & the Single Therapist, the first in my "Dr. Ally Skye, Sex Therapist" comic romantic mystery series, is my favorite.  The premise of the series appealed to my slightly bent funny bone.  ;-)  The idea of a female sex therapist/amateur sleuth offers lots of comic possibilities, especially if the homicide detective hero is a "meat-and-potatoes" guy sexually (read "prude"), who's not too keen on the heroine's profession.  Ally's specialized knowledge, however, proves useful to the police when they're trying to solve sex-driven crimes.  I had a great time writing about these two very different characters who are drawn together by murder and an inconvenient -- put powerful -- attraction.

2. Describe your perfect day.

It would be a beautiful spring or fall Saturday that begins with my husband and I sleeping in without worrying about alarm clocks.  Then with no set plans (I love an unstructured day!), we'd head out for brunch at a local Austrian restaurant.  Maybe we'd play golf next or just go exploring the Ohio countryside -- stopping at all yard sales.  ;-)  Early evening, back in Columbus, we'd have dinner at our favorite place that has an outdoor patio and a wonderful wine list.  After dessert, we'd go to the casino that's opening here soon and play video poker for hours -- winning many jackpots, of course!  ;-)

3. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given.

When I started writing romance novels, a Yoda-like author friend said that as important as it is to learn the craft of fiction writing, it's equally important to learn the business side of publishing -- and to do so simultaneously.  And it's true.  For example, I teach author promotion workshops, and I see how unprepared most new authors are when it comes to promoting their brand and their books.  There's so much an author can do before getting "The Call" to learn about marketing and to establish his or her pen name.

4. If you could be a super hero, what power would you like to have?

That's a tough question, but in this season of obnoxious political ads, I guess I would be Veritas, the reincarnation of the Roman goddess of truth.  My super power would be to expose the truth in all situations -- forcing people to tell the truth without putting a spin on it and people to hear the truth without the filter of ingrained prejudices.  Wow, that's a little serious for a romantic comedy author!  ;-)

5. What was the last book you read?

Jill Shalvis' Animal Attraction, a wonderful and often funny contemporary romance set in a veterinarian's office.  It appealed to me because I love to read (and write!) books with animals in them.  Nothing humanizes a big Alpha male hero better than his affection for cats and dogs.  In addition, Animal Attraction has one of the greatest covers I've ever seen!

Marcia's latest release is Sex and the Single Therapist.  Want a truly funny read?  Then check this book out.

A crime of passion…
            To clear an innocent friend, sex therapist Dr. Ally Skye investigates a patient’s murder. Soon she's trading heated words and hot kisses with a sexy cop. Can this free-spirited amateur sleuth and her posse of Vegas insiders solve the crime before the killer targets her?

A sexy complication…
            Cynical homicide detective Zack Crawford has the murder to solve. The last thing he needs is a red-hot sex therapist who haunts his dreams. Ally is trouble and, given her job and his luck, she'd probably grade his performance in bed.

A dynamic duo…
            Zack and Ally form an uneasy and sexually charged alliance. Murderers, extortionists and psychos are no match for these reluctant partners. Crime-solving was never this sexy or this fun!

Sex & the Single Therapist Excerpt

            Zack trapped her in the V of her open car door. After several heart-stuttering seconds, he bent his head as though to kiss her.
            She leaned toward him, and the din of traffic and chattering tourists retreated. The warmth of the day paled, as sensual heat sparked between them. Ally waited, breathless.
            When he hesitated, she spoke for his ears only. “It’s okay. I don’t bite...hard.”
Zack pulled back, but his lips curved. “It’s your mind, not your mouth, that concerns me. I don’t feel like having my kisses rated by Doctor Skye.”
“Oh, well, if the tough cop has performance anxiety...,” Ally turned to climb into her car.
Taking her hand, Zack spun her back and into his arms in a single, fluid motion. She met his determined gaze a split second before his lips took hers in a dominating, exhilarating kiss.
Ohmigod. Blessed, blistering sensory overload. Ally’s toes actually curled. For several pulsing moments, her whole world was Zack.
To a cacophony of car horns, he broke the kiss. Confused, she slowly opened her eyes. His lips were wet and his expression mirrored her longing, even as he set her away.
Zack started to speak, cleared his throat, then began again. “We’re blocking traffic.”
Light-headed, Ally glanced around. Vehicles had stacked up behind her Porsche, and the drivers were either honking or clapping. She didn't know whether to blush or raise her fists like a prize fighter. It’d been a gold-medal kiss.
Not trusting her voice, Ally got into her car and closed the door. She picked up her notepad and drew a large number ten on it with a shaky hand. Then, in an imitation of an Olympic judge, she held up the pad for him to see.
Zack laughed aloud at the perfect score she’d awarded his kiss.


  1. Hi, Brenna! Thanks for interviewing me for your blog! -- Marcia ;-)

    1. Are you kidding?? I loved having you. I adore your humor. But I think I love your dog most. LOL

  2. Brenna great job. I love learning about new authors.