Monday, June 4, 2012

To know me is to know I like Scottish men.  Actually, I don't just like them, I LOVE them.  I adore them.  Something about their thick Scottish burr when they speak makes my toes want to curl and my knees weak. 

My adoration for Scots led me to write what is becoming one of my best selling stories, Private Showing .  Evidently, I'm not the only person who likes to read about hunky Scottish men who like nothing more than to create angst with their women, then show them their powerful sexual appetities.  *Sigh*

If you're looking for a taste of Private Showing, you're in luck.  Keep reading.  If you like the excerpt, try the book.  If you like the book, please tell your friends.  A million thanks.

Ciao - Brenna 
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She opened her mouth to speak, but he'd heard enough of her protests. Colin bent and covered her lips with his, squelching any attempt to talk her way away from him. There would be no further discussion, especially about his moving back to Scotland. Not tonight.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, reveling in the feel of her firm breasts against his chest. Unfortunately the moment was short lived. Before he could pull her in closer and truly claim her mouth for his own, Gianna slid her arms between their bodies. With surprising force, she pushed him back.

"What are you doing?" The pink flush on her cheeks deepened as she gasped for air. Sparks glittered in her velvet eyes. "This," she started but reconsidered her words. "We won't end well. Believe me. I care too much for you to hurt you."

Her unexpected confession surprised Colin but bolstered his resolve. "Just give me tonight," he growled in frustration.

"Colin, even if we give in for only one night, we'll make things complicated between us." She looked down and sighed. "I don't have the time for complications. You just have to understand that."

"I do understand, lass." He reached for her hand, drawing her back to him, and then held her close. "After tonight, no complications. As you Americans like to say, ‘scouts' honor.’"

For now.

Breathing in her scent of jasmine and pressing into her soft curves crumbled the reservoir of restraint he'd maintained since first meeting the tempting siren. Lust, jagged and rough, surged through his system like sandpaper, making each nerve ending raw and sensitive.

Unable to reign in his primitive need, Colin crushed his mouth against hers. He coaxed open her lips and brushed his tongue along the inside of her sweet mouth, wishing he could taste more—needing to be closer to her. His lips still locked with hers, he guided her backward until her feet bumped the glass of the great room's window.

Though he expected more resistance, Gianna didn't try to pull away. Instead, she melted into his embrace, the weight of her body slowly giving way to his hold.

A moan escaped when her tongue met his and ran down its side, then plunged back again, striking with a fervor he never imagined she possessed. She tilted her lower body against him and rotated her hips in slow circles. With each gyration, her short skirt inched higher, her long bare legs becoming another tease.


  1. AND YOU DO THESE MEN sooooo very well, my friend!
    Vera nicely.

    1. Thank you. I learn from my good friends ;)