Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why women choose the men they do...

I'll be the first to admit I have an overactive brain - which can lead to a bit of an overactive imagination. My brain does not like to turn off, rest, or relax. I find myself having very strange flows of thought in the most bizarre places, but most especially when I'm in the shower or on the commute to and from work (which is an hour each way.)

Today's chain of thought was what entices a woman to want to have sex with particular men. This started out as a thought about a hero for an upcoming book that is just coming into shape for me. Then I remembered a television program that explained women, when they ovulate, tend to be most interested in big, tough, virile men. When not ovulating, women are geared toward men who are less big, tough, etc... We're more interested in the man's brain and personality at this point. Very interesting...

So, let me know your answer to this question. If you were not attached to anyone romantically and you had the opportunity to have a wonderful sexual encounter with a man what would that man be like? Describe him in as much detail as you dare. I can't wait to read your responses.


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  1. Someone who can make me laugh. My favorite quote is from Stephanie Lucas "Good sex should involve laughter. Because it's, you know, funny."